Chinese Northern Wei dog
6in., 15cms long
Northern Wei dynasty, early 6th century.
Price on Request
A Chinese grey pottery figure
of a recumbent dog, finely
modelled with head raised and
alert, with large areas of
ochre pigment remaining and
with a stripe of white pigment
down its front.

Provenance: The collection of
C Roger Moss, OBE. Purchased
in Hong Kong between 1980 and

For other examples of these
rare dogs see:
Christies Hong Kong, 9th July
2020 (HK$47,500)
One in the Meiyintang
Two in the Datang Museum.
Two examples were in the
Norman A Kurland Collection
part 1, Eskanazi, London.

Nicholas S Pitcher | Chinese Antiques, Porcelain, Pottery and Bronzes